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Hacking Competition 2019 Nepal Organized By Hackers House Nepal Based On Ethical Hacking And Cyber Security

Since the few past years the activities of ethical hacking and cyber security is also increasing rapidly in Nepal . Different workshop , camps ,etc are being conducted time to time nowadays. To promote and find the hidden talent in 2017 for the first time ever in the history of Nepal Real Time Hacking Competition (Hack Back Competition ) was organized on the occasion of IT Meet 2017 which was help on Kathmandu University (KU) . This program make other hidden ethical hackers and cyber security experts  to come out and show their talent for something good purpose and make their name and fame at high level . The program gets success end . Since that time many new activities regarding ethical hacking and cyber security was done in Nepal . Currently for second time the newly registered company Hackers House Nepal which was started by CEH of Pokhara Bijay Acharya has announced the Hacking Competition 2019 based on ethical hacking and cyber security , which is going to be help Pokhara , Nepal on 16th-17th August 2019 . Venue is going to be declared according to the numbers of participants and audiences . Participants will be getting different forms/types of hacking challenge including CTF(Capture The Flag). The winner of this competition will get the net worth of 1Lakh Nepalese Rupee. The winner will be selected individual or team who completes the challenges of every steps .


  • Go to
  • Find EVENTS tab.
  • Follow steps provided there to register.
  • Individual or Team can register for competition.
  • In one team, only 3 participants are allowed.
  • Register Fee is Nrs.1000 per head.
  • Anyone having Nepali Citizenship can participate.
  • Those who do not have citizenship can apply by using their college or school id plus parents’ citizenship.


Who will create challenges

Organizer Hackers House Nepal will be creating Challenges . Also other I.T. Company of Nepal will also create challenges . You can also send details for creating challenges , if you are from a company.

Note:- Companies name that creates challenges will be kept secret and only will be announced publicly on the day of competition.


More Details

  • Nepali Citizens can only join the competition and anyone from any field can participate.
  • The Registration fee is 1000Nrs . Per Head
  • Individual or team can join but if you want to have a team then only 3 person can be there in one team.
  • All the participants will get Certificate of Participation from Hackers house Nepal and also from other 2 company will also provide all the participant certificate but its not confirmed who they will be .
  • Once you register your name and pay the fee you won’t get refund if you could not be there the competition .
  • If you want to play a role of sponsor in the event or if you want to advertise about your company then you are welcomed to the list of sponsor but there are some terms and conditions which you can find in


For more details you can visit :-

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